Miner register


In May 2015, the Department of Health, the Department of Mineral Resources, Chamber of Mines, and the Gold Working Group, joined hands to launch Project Ku-Riha to settle some 105 000 unpaid lung disease claims in Southern Africa. Harmony then launched the Harmony Ku-Riha RECONNECT initiative, in collaboration with TEBA, to trace and stay in contact with former Harmony employees in South Africa and other SADC countries.


If you have silicosis or TB and you work or used to work at a mine, you may be entitled to claim compensation. For further information on the process, please download the compensation guide (PDF 297KB)

We encourage past and present Harmony employees to register via the compensation form on this website.

TEBA Centres

Visit your nearest TEBA centre to find out if you have unpaid benefits due to you.

Map of Teba centres


Harmony Ku-Riha RECONNECT will be visiting:

  • Carletonville
    March – April 2018
  • Welkom
    June 2018